#11 | 31 Poems for August 2015

Beauty never goes out of style.
I wanted to become a photographer the day I first saw you smile.
Cliché, you’ve probably heard that before.
A lot of guys probably said that to you one hundred times.
But this is a hundred and one, and it’s not saturated with lies.
I come as I am, no facades or any form of disguise.
What’s the possibility of you conversing with me for a while?
I wonder what it’s like to be the words that roll off your tongue so effortlessly.
It’s like poetry rests on the curves and edges of your lips.
Gravitate towards me as I embrace your curves and I begin to accentuate.
Fashion comes and goes but beauty can never go out of style.
I was intrigued by your presence the moment I first saw you smile.
Maybe this moment will turn into something that will always give you a reason to smile.


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