Heart Conversations

(Written with Oratile Seabi.)

Part I:
Let me serenade my way back into your soul.
Let me heal every broken part of you until you become whole.
If you bring the morphine then I will surely bring my pain.
Undress my thoughts and make love to my mind.

Part II:
Open wide, take a stride into my soul with soft patters of your sole.
Gently ease what remains of my broken heart.
I take nothing down to stop this but surely your love will suffice.
Strip away all thoughts in your mind and let’s get carried away into an act of love.

Part III:
Incorporate piano keys into my heartbeat.
Whisper sweet symphonies when you’re lying next to me.
Who needs a pen when I can write poems on your skin with my hands and lips?
Gently put your arms around me and slowly hold me tight.

Part IV:
My heart is the canvas of our love’s expressive art.
Compose a tempera of my emotions with smooth dabs of your paintbrush.
Who needs a gallery when you can exhibit your love as you lay here next to me?
The warmth of our intimacy will keep the shimmery stars of our ecstasy.


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