We talked about the past and all the memories we created.
Love is patient, kind and blind, but that we already knew.
Somewhere between Jill Scott and Jhené Aiko is where she discovered me.
So let love rain down on me while Sail Out gently echoes in the background.
Love may slip from her lips and drip down her chin but I never want our beautiful melody to become staccato.
Her beautiful cocoa butter skin proves that her complexion is truly a blessing.
It doesn’t matter which book you’re reading, her love is the scripture that my heart believes in.
We talked about the future and how we both yearned to hear Frank Ocean’s sophomore album.
I’d tell you her name and maybe show you her picture but that’s a poem for another day.
She is simply a poem with feet; her soul is well-versed in love so I asked her to walk with me.
That’s for her to decide, but I can no longer hide all that I’m feeling inside.
I can no longer walk around in circles; my body is feeling the effects of this unnecessary disguise.
She’s composed of all the love poems my pen never had the courage to write.
Because sometimes the pulchritude of her presence is too heavy for blank pages and simple words.
I’m intrigued by her ambition, intellect and all her perfect imperfections.
We talked about the future and all the memories we created.
She is more than just words and a pretty face, but that you already knew.


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