It has been a few weeks ever since you left, so now I’m all alone but I know that it’s only temporary.
I’m hurting and I know that I’m not perfect; the weight of all these words has gradually become a burden.
I’m the light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes my own radiance has a habit of blinding me.
I went from breaking up, breaking down, breaking through to finally breaking new ground.
So even though I’m hurting now I know that I’ll eventually be safe and sound.
“You’re not easy to love” are the words that I’ve heard too many times before.
Trying to figure out what the outlying problem is and hopefully find out where I always seem to go wrong.
I kept reading the same book over and over again and somehow expected a different ending.
I read it repeatedly in hopes that maybe the antagonist would stop pretending.
Maybe I’m undeserving of someone who’ll love me unconditionally across beautiful South African cities and beyond the depths of time.
I fell in love with you way before the Telefone album dropped and I fell out when you started to hang up on me.
Left my heart on my sleeve and confessed my true feelings but you rejected my sentiments.
I fell for you but that didn’t matter because I would’ve never been good enough for you.
I was banking on you to not withdraw from the love that we had invested in.
But you withdrew anyway; maybe I was a fool for having had all those wonderful expectations.
Forgive me for all these words filled with empty air but I’m still hurting from all the damage that occurred.


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