Silent Thoughts of a Loner

I’m a lover without a lover but never loveless.
I’ll never love less than what’s expected of me.
I’m caught in between being heartless and using my heart less.
What happens when my ink bleeds but my words cannot be heard?
I want you to strip for me, but first, you need to take off all your insecurities.
I promise to do the same but my skin is burdened and scarred with pain.
I do not know what it’s like to love me but I hope that it’s worth your time.
I am alone in this crowded city but I know that it’s only temporary.
Love runs through my veins so it’s safe to say that happiness is hereditary.
Love does not know the pain it heals and pain does not know the love it seeks.
If I ever feel like an abandoned church then I hope to forever remain a cathedral in your eyes.
I have love that runs deeper than still waters do – only the ocean can fathom the kind of happiness that I can create for you.
You can see that I bleed like photographs that run off the page.
If you can get the picture then you could see the world through every frame.
I am alone but I know that it’s only temporary, it’s only temporary right?


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