Autumn Blue

What happens if I’m not your type?
What if my love is not worth the hype?
When and how will I manage to finally get things right?
Loneliness always tends to creep in like a thief in the night.
I keep wondering about how long you’ll keep wandering away from me.
I keep doing this thing wrong and constantly putting myself in places and spaces that I don’t belong.
Somehow these emotions never last, I think it’s time to be alone again.
Turn my woes into words and love me no matter how ugly my truths and imperfections are.
In a sky full of constellations, you know that you’ll always be my favourite star.
I smile and try to hide all that I’m feeling inside so that you may never notice that I’m still hurting.
Turn my woes into words so that my happiness can no longer seem absurd.
Judging by my hyperhidrosis, it’s obvious that the sun came out just to impersonate the warmth of your aura.
If writing about you ever drives me crazy then make sure that the straitjacket comes in blue.
As of late, these conversations are starting to feel a lot more like interviews.
Dive into the depths of my heart and mind and get a glimpse of my inner views.


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