Boksburg Blues

#2 | 31 Poems for August 2017

How are you so certain of a love that you’ve never truly experienced, but only seen in your dreams?
The love and faith you have in our future endeavours has got me listening to Love in the Future for hours on end.
I am not having any second thoughts about us, I’m just doubtful of the intensity of my love lately.
I have honestly lost count of how many times we’ve broken up – I’ve never been good at math anyway.
I’ve had to acquaint myself with the truth just so I could look you straight in the eyes without flinching.
Love me unconditionally until the day when you can finally feel my heart rapidly beating inside your chest.
Somehow love has eluded me ever since we’ve parted ways so I’ve been avoiding commitment these days.
I keep doing this thing wrong and constantly putting myself in places and spaces that I don’t belong.
On some nights, I sporadically smell your perfume on the white cotton sheets of my memory.


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