Hoarding Memories

#10 | 31 Poems for August 2017

I could feel the love and not the distance.
I don’t want to be reminiscing about you right now.
You burn me again like my favourite bottle of Irish whiskey.
These wounds leave blood stains on my white canvas sneakers.
You could feel the distance and not the love – that’s the difference.
Everything is complicated and my feelings are hardly reciprocated.
Why should I try to win you over again when I know that I’ve lost anyway?
But the truth is, it wasn’t even about winning; maybe I overlooked several warning signs in the beginning.
Bullets pierced through my body as you slowly stole my soul away from me.
Before I left you alone, I placed an infinite number of kisses on your collarbone.
Heartbreak has taught me that it’s best to back away and leave love alone.
However, I still want to read all the love letters your hands are yet to write so effortlessly on my skin.
I knew that someday my love wouldn’t be good enough for you and that somehow, you’d find a way to disappear.
I could feel the love and not the distance, and maybe that’s one of the reasons why I still need you here.


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