Digital Love

#12 | 31 Poems for August 2017

I would’ve never been included in any of your pictures – you’d always find a way to crop me out.
I’ve had enough of this digital love, a love that’s constantly controlled by social media standards and faulty algorithms.
We made memories that not even Facebook can remember and captured moments that can’t be found on Instagram.
I would go back to being yours in a heartbeat just to hear the sound of my heart beat.
Just to hear my heart beating to the rhythms that are foreign to my existence.
Everyone knows that I’m a lover without a lover but never loveless.
I’m a heartbroken lover that’s wondering how to fix my heart’s mess.
I want to go back to the day when we first fell in love with one another.
I pray that there’s a chance that we’ll both manage to work it out someday.
I pray that all my doubts, fears and insecurities don’t ever prey on me.
As of late, our conversations are starting to feel a lot more like interviews.
Dive into the depths of my heart and mind and get a glimpse of my inner views.


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